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What Do You Understand By Modern Hanbok?

Hanbok are traditional dress which is specially worn by Koreans as of these are designed only for special occasions. People also wear this dress in holidays but they are specially manufactured for occasions, parties and weddings. It is based on the traditional way of clothing such that they are made with cotton, woven as well as silk. Generally, the upper-class people prefer wearing cotton and woven hanbok as a reason it is expensive as well as lightweight as compared with other materials. Hanbok is based on different clothing nomads which is derived in a very early stage.

Also, the reason behind the manufacturing and designing of hanbok is that it offers ease of movement to all the people. It is very flexible as well as convenient to wear such clothes whether children wear it or unmarried girls. When we talk about the colour choices of these modern hanboks then it is considered on some special demands and designing. 

Composition of hanboks:

Keeping jeogori in mind, the general composition of hanbok are considered which includes skirt known as chima. Here pants are known as baji and they are specially designed only for men. Here the upper garment (top) is designed in a slim format whereas the bottom is usually wide which will form a shape of bell. It is unique as well as looks elegant as a traditional costume. Almost all the people out there in Korea wear hanbok because it is their traditional costume and it is been considered from the beginning. 

Designing of hanbok:

When we talk about the designing of hanbok then it is made with a delicate design in which lines and patterns are derived. Generally, it forms a curved line with jeogori sleeves which completes the outfit. Here all the angles are clean-cut as well as it is in the form of creased white lining so that it will look elegant on the people who wear hanbok. Whether male or female, these hanbok are made for both as here girls will prefer wearing skirt and boys will prefer wearing pants. 

Material used in hanbok:

Basically, there are several materials through which one can manufacture hanbok but still there are different fabric used for making it. also, upper caste and lower caste issue is also considered while making a hanbok. Silk and satin are considered as a finest material and it looks royal that’s why it is been considered by rich people and who belongs to the upper class. Also, the lower caste people are restricted to wear hanbok which is made from cotton material. 

The upper-class people wear silk and satin hanbok because it depicts that how royal as well as powerful, they are. It shows their authorities whereas the lower-class people wear hanbok made with any general fabric. 

The last verdict,

A general differentiate is also considered in between choosing colours as well as pattern in the making and manufacturing of hanbok also, the unmarried girls are only supposed to wear some specific colours of hanbok. 


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