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Everything you need to know about foot castings!!!

No doubt, Babies grow up so quickly. Therefore, a person should capture their hand using 3D casting that will enable a person to create the stunning and interesting keepsake that you will treasure forever. A person will able to make the baby’s foot and hand casts at cheaper worth. There are a lot of companies are out there that is offering high-end quality baby hand & foot casting kits. Make sure that you are investing money in the high-end kit.  You should choose foot cast that is packed with high-end quality box that will help you in showcasing the photograph and baby’s cast. A reliable company comes with huge selection of the best kits. 

If you are buying good quality baby casting kit then you will able to get with detailed instructions.  Make sure that you are preparing the foot casting according to the instructions. Following are important information about foot castings.

How to create foot casting?

A person will able to create foot and hand casting within fraction of seconds. Before initiating the process, a person should have essential material in the hand.  Your friend, parent or partner will help you in completing this process. 

  • In case you have already worked with alginate then it is highly recommended that a person should do quick & simple finger test. 
  • Firstly, a person should pour the 50ml of water in a particular container. You will have to make the use of separate container that will enable a person to measure the volume of alginate. After that, you should mix it carefully.
  • You will have to mix the material within 1 minute & 55 seconds.  If you have mixed properly then it will automatically turn into pink.
  • Before completing the 2 minutes, you should put the finger into mixture of alginate and try to give it a perfect wiggle. 
  • Alginate will surely start the setting within 2 minutes. If everything has set, you should release finger from mold carefully. It is important stage where you will not see the much detail in the mould. 

These important instructions will help you in creating right foot castings. You will able to make the casting of baby’s feet or hand. Just in case your baby is going wriggly then you should initiate with foot first. You will have to put a particular protective sheet that will surely eliminate the chances of any spillages on the carpet. Before using any container, you will have to clean and dry it properly.

Set in stone

If possible then a person should mix mixture of stone and then pour it in the mould properly. It is considered as super exciting. It seems little bit complicated but as you can see that it is little bit easier process. If you are following the tips of expert then you will able to create foot castings with ease. 

Moving Further, if possible then you should invest proper time in the research and invest money in the right foot castings kit.


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