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The cons of using medical marijuana 

A user's guide to medical marijuana, how to pick a variety and stay healthy

The debate surrounding the benefits of medical marijuana is ongoing. While most of the states in the USA have laws for medical marijuana such as what is in place in Massachusetts at  Massachusetts Dispensaries and Marijuana Stores,  there are some states which have even allowed marijuana for recreational use. 

But the federal government still tends to classify marijuana as a controlled substance Schedule I. Apart from making marijuana illegal to have it in possession, it has also limited the number of medical studies that can be carried concerning its use. 

With strong supporters who are for and against the use of medical marijuana, the argument concerning the against and for its use of marijuana are scorching topics. The following are some of the known cons of medical marijuana, which you need to know before embracing its benefits at Medical and Recreational Marijuana Near You.

The cons

For every person who seems to support the use of marijuana for medical use, some argue that it should not be used. Some of the arguments against marijuana include the following:

  • When you use marijuana frequently, it will affect the use of your short term memory.
  • Frequent use might end up impairing your good cognitive ability
  • Smoking anything, be it marijuana or tobacco, can easily damage the tissues of your lungs.
  • When you smoke marijuana, it has cancer-causing compounds
  • Marijuana has a likelihood of causing addiction and abuse
  • Marijuana is one drug that has been the cause of several automobile accidents and accidents in workplaces. 
  • Under federal laws, marijuana is known to be illegal. It is classified in the Controlled substance act as a Schedule I drug together with heroin. The classification denotes that the substance has not yet been accepted for medicinal use. 

Limited scientific evidence

In the clinical trials that were carried out in the past for evaluating the effectiveness of the products of marijuana in being able to treat certain medical conditions, they have not been detailed and, thus, cannot be relied on. In most instances, they have been limited and very restrictive. With medical marijuana becoming more prevalent like at Massachusetts Dispensaries and Marijuana Stores, and all over the world, there are some researches which are still ongoing. 

But according to experts review, there is a need for more research to be done before marijuana, and products associated with it can be embraced in the medical world. Many of the obstacles to the use of marijuana in medicine are all about the dosage and quality of the cannabis that is safe for use. 

Several current studies are not controlled by a clinical trial in which medicines such as placebo or its alternatives are being used. Without comparative research and studies, the scientific knowledge regarding the therapeutic effects of cannabis will remain questionable. 

Until there is the downgrading of cannabis from a Schedule I drug, it will be hard for clinical trials to be relied on to be conducted, especially in the USA. The perspective has to change for things to move forward.



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