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What Jewelry Experts Want Consumers to Know About Emerald Rings

The famous term ‘emerald cut’ has been used in the jewelry industry for centuries. The cut was specially innovated by expert Emerald sellers who wanted to conquer the gemstone’s lack of durability. Emerald is far less resilient to external pressure than other precious gemstones like Sapphire, Rubies, or Diamonds. Emerald scores eight on the Mohs hardness scale. However, that doesn’t mean that Emerald jewelry is brittle. No, they don’t fracture easily, but daily wear and tear can wear out your rings. So, buyers need to know that these stones don’t have withstanding capability. An Emerald ring without a protective setting is highly prone to damage.

The Challenges of Owning Emerald

There are several highly acclaimed Emerald sellers. Only purchase Emerald Rings from sellers who offer gemology reports. Your Emerald may have many inclusions as such flaws are intrinsic. If you don’t find these inclusions aesthetic, then you should refrain from purchasing emerald engagement rings. Also, you need to learn about cleaning precious stone by hand as non-specialists don’t have access to ultrasonic machines (the best tool for cleaning Emerald). Use soapy water and a soft-bristled brush to clean your Emerald ring once a week. Apart from these ‘potential negatives,’ there’s pretty much no reason to not purchase Emerald.

Long-Term Investment

Akin to Diamonds, Emeralds have a lot of long-term potentials. Expect your Emerald ring to increase in value tenfold over a decade. Plus, they are far less expensive than Diamonds. Since Emerald has been traded for so long, jewelers have many innovative ways of cutting this stone. You’ll get a ton of cut options, so building a unique Emerald jewelry collection is a plausible option. If class, uniqueness, and an intrinsic eye-catching quality are what you seek, you cannot go wrong with Emeralds. However, be a responsible jewelry shopper and always purchase Emeralds from reputed sellers!


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