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What Are The Programming Language One Should Know As An Aspiring Trader?

As a trader, you should be involved with trading like algorithmic and high-frequency trading which are both quantitative trading. It’s hard to find someone who has no idea about programming due to many online programming languages that are free. The skill sets needed for traders is slowly been shifted by the advancement of technology, just like many other jobs.

Program development (รับ พัฒนา โปรแกรม which is the word in Thai) is very vital for everything aspirin trader because when looking for a job in trading without having to upgrade yourself, you will end up on the losing side. To help make life easier for aspiring traders, I’ll be listing some commonly used programming languages in algorithmic trading;


C++ is been used for many banks’ lecacy systems. C++ is most efficient at processing high volumes of data due to the usual development of the HFT (High Frequency Trading) that are latency-sensitive.

Developing C++ is a demand that has come to stay because a huge amount of resources will be spent when switching to a new language and programme. If you have a little knowledge on C, learning C++ will be easier for you because C++ has a steep learning curve built on C.


Python is a high lever language though is a lot slower than C++ and C#, it is still widely used in quant trading. It is a lot earlier for trades to pick up because it is beginners-friendly.

Due to python’s high performing libraries, prototyping and research are easily carried out. Head over to the interactive Python Riddle once you’ve mastered the basic syntax just to grantee your comfort while using it. Another good resource for learning python is Learn Python The Hard Way. This knowledge will go a long way for a trader.



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