Types and formats of Online Casinos for beginners

Online gambling has become legal in South Africa. When you are about to join an online gambling site, it is necessary to know the online casino games in South AfricaTo select the best online casinos in South Africa you should know about the factors that make up an online gambling site. There are different formats of online casinos and different types of games are available on each site. Based on the mode of gaming, gambling sites are classified into three formats. Some games can run without any software and some will run with the help of software. You should require this software or browsers that support these games. Hence, two more categories are there. In this article, let us discuss these types and formats of online gambling sites in brief.

Web-based online casinos

Web-based online casinos are the casino sites that allow the players to play casino games online without downloading any software to their local computers. You can play all the games online through an extension. Some browser compatible extensions help to run the graphics and other elements of these games. Your browser should allow these extensions to run. You should download browsers like Google Chrome to play these games in Apple products. 

Download-based online casinos

Download-based casino games will run using software provided by the clients or the casino itself. You should download the software to your local PC to enjoy the games. This software will automatically connect with the casino service provider and allows the graphics, sounds, and animations to run smoothly without any help of browsers. No extensions are needed to play these games. 

Types of Casino Game Formats

There are three different formats in which you can play a casino game online. They are as follows.

Virtual Games

Virtual games are software-based games. The outcomes of these games will be based on computer results and not manual actions. The software is pre-programmed to show a random number or card when a player plays a game. The result is completely unpredictable. You can sit at ease in your home and start playing your favorite casino games online using this technology. This system of random number generation is known as pseudorandom number generator. It uses some mathematical algorithms to generate random numbers.

Live dealer games    

Some people will miss the experience of a real casino while playing virtual casino games. These players can find it helpful to use a live dealer system of online casinos. It is the opposite of virtual gaming. Here a live-action will take place at either the physical casino or a studio and the results will pop-up virtually on the player’s screen. The virtual casino set up will give the players a feel of on-field casino gaming. There will be a physical dealer who will chat with the players to respond to their queries. Most of the sites will conduct popular games in this format and the rest is virtual format since live dealer gaming is costly.

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