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The terminology for sports betting

The most commonly used concepts, terms, and strategy that you are going to see on ufa1688 and across other sport betting sportsbooks include the following:

  • Key numbers: It is the representation of common margins when it comes to defeating and normally utilized frequently in football in a scenario where most of the games end up with only one team winning by a multiple of 3 or 7.
  • Limit: The maximum amount of money that a particular sportbook will be able to take on a single bet. 
  • Lines: Another terminology for odds
  • Middle: It is what occurs when betting on both sides of the game, having an opportunity to win on both the bets. 
  • Moneyline: In sports such as soccer, baseball, and hockey, there are few goals and runs which don’t make sense only to give spreads. Such sports give money line in which you are free to bet on whether a specific team will win straight up or not. 
  • Nickel:  A bet for about $500
  • Off the board: An event or game which sportsbooks won’t allow you to bet on. In most instances, the game will be removed from the board if there is uncertainty which surrounds the injury of a particular player or the weather on the game day.
  • Over/under:Also known as total, it is the total number of goals/points/runs to be gotten in a particular game.  If both teams combined are able to score more than what the total is, then the over can win. If the score combined is less, then the under can win. 
  • Parlay: When a bettor is able to make several bets, and then ensures they are tied together, you will require several events to be able to all win to get higher payouts. It is a proposition that is risky but at the same time, potentially lucrative. 
  • Pick em: Refers to when neither of the teams is a favorite. In sports that are spread based such as football or basketball, it is a 0 line. 
  • Prop bet:  It is a bet that is something else instead of the expected outcome of the game. The common prop bets include the over/under on the scored points, strikeouts, or passing yards by one player. 
  • Public betting percentage: Also known as public betting trends, real betting percentages that are good are as from seven sportsbook contribution. The numbers are a representation of real bets that are placed on real sportsbooks. The percentages are good when betting against the public philosophy.
  • Push: When there is no winner after a contest, it is called a push. If it happens in money line sports, the game ends in a tie. If it is a spread sports, it happens when the favorite team can win by the exact spread. 
  • Real-time odds: The live lines updated instantly when the sportsbook make adjustments to their lines.
  • Reverse line movement: It is a movement on the betting line that is contrary to the percentage of the betting percentage. 

Return on investment – ROI: A measure of performance that is utilized in evaluating investment efficiency.


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