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The importance of technologies from previous generations

Industrial High Tech | Kalypso

The technological advancements of the current generation are overshadowing the prospect for many different technologies which at one time used to be advanced. These yesteryear technologies are becoming obsolete as new age technologies are slowly but steadily taking the centre stage. However, there are very few technologies that are still available in many fields that are still in use in spite of being a technology from yesteryear. One of the most prominent example of this type of technology is the servo motors which are used in most manufacturing and other industrial set ups.

What is a servo motor and how does it work in the industries?

A servo motor is a type of simple electric motor which is controlled with the help of servo mechanism. Servo motors have the capacity to work over two different types of input signals. If the controlled device which is associated with the servo mechanism works on direct current then the motor is known as DC Servo Motor. On the other hand if the servo mechanism works with the help of alternate current then it is known as the AC Servo Motor. A servo motor is just a linear actuator or a rotator actuator which allows precise control over angular or linear position, acceleration and velocity. Servo motors are generally coupled with a sensor for positive feedback. Servo motors also require sophisticated controller often coupled with a dedicated module to be used in the servo mechanism. Servos motors are of great importance even in modern industry as they provide great precision control in technologies like the computerized numerical control system. Servo motors are great when it comes to providing high power torque.

Know more about the industrial technologies in Thailand

In Thailand most industries currently use servo motors for its utility. So if you are in Thailand and want to make sure that you have most efficient industrial machinery and technology at your disposal then make sure to consult with a industrial technology developer first. It is important because gaining knowledge in this regard is fairly important. Firms like the Mitsubishi are currently offering consultation as well. So make sure to connect with such a firm.


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