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Symptoms to detect Low Battery and Avoid Cadillac key fob replacement

You are living in a world where every second is valuable. You cannot waste a single minute of your life. Inserting a key and then opening the car door to get in is something that will waste a minute of your busy schedule. That is why the fob security authentication is now the popular choice of any car owner. Your dependency on the fob is thus increasing. The replacement of the older manual key versions with the latest fob has not only improved the security level, but also has made the driving experience more convenient. But to prevent the sudden break in the functionality, you have to be careful about the fob.

Reduction in signal strength

The fob of your Cadillac is powerful enough to send the signal even from a distance of 50 feet. So while you are walking towards or car or walking away from it, you can unlock or lock the vehicle. But if the battery is weak. The range of the signal will begin to decrease. You won’t be able to unlock the car from a considerable distance as before. If you don’t replace the battery, then you might have to go for Cadillac key fob replacement.

The need for multiple clicks

Right from the purchase of the Cadillac, you will notice that the buttons of the car key work on feather touch. But there might come a time when you will notice that you have to click multiple times to lock or unlock the vehicle. This is a common sign that the battery strength is low. You will get the batteries for the key fob at any hardware store. You can also order online. But it would help if you replaced the batteries of the remote and the fob at the same time. The sellers also sell these batteries in pairs.



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