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Self-Service Portal – A Password Reset tool

Directory service is one of the most crucial things in the modern era for the workplace. As we thrive answer digitally for every problem, as the companies were spreading worldwide and scattered all over the place, the major problem for them was file management. Directory services allow us to share the information, devices and allowed us to transfer the files. Directory Services also include services like active directory self password reset.

Directory service is nothing but a network to share the information. These network work on the accounting system means that you put your credentials in the login screen and are promoted to screen and allowed to see the organizations’ files. Every user is given authorization while accessing the files of the organization. You cannot avoid the restriction put on you.

Suppose your credentials taking part in this process; there is a high chance that you want to change it from time to time. For example: In that case, you can forget your account’s password to change it. You have to access the administrator or IT professional, which is an excellent waste of time if you have thousands of employees.

Self-Service portal or Self-Service tools are used to change the password or any other personal information. Self-Service is also called active directory self password reset as your password is reset by you and not by any IT professional.

Let’s talk about the advantages of Self-Service portals or tools: –

  • Verification: – Don’t consider this as a less secured option as to change the password; there is an SMS verification. This process ensures that a person who is not registered to the company or not the network cannot access your organization’s file.
  • Reset Passwords: – This tool helps you to reset the password and have access to the files. If you forget your password, you do not have to approach any administrator or any professional.
  • Manage enrolment: – This means that the Self-Service portal helps the user to enroll in the network automatically, or you can do it manually as well. So, enrolment can also be done by Self-Service.
  • Customized Procedures: – You can have customized procedures to operate the Self-Service Portal. It helps you to customize it through the security policies listed by Active Directory.
  • Security: It increases our account’s security and avoids any breach, which can damage your files and information.

Directory Services are essential for modern companies. Companies use it to have a flexible exchange of files and information. Mostly in these networks, you have two types of account which can access the network these are administrator and normal user. Both types of users get a username and a password.

If you want to reset the password, you have to approach an IT professional or administrator who can change the password. Self Service portals or tools used to reset the password, by this you can reset the password on your own. If you are in an Active Directory, it is this can be termed as active directory self password reset. So, if you are stuck because you forgot the password, you can recover it from Self-service tool


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