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Know What Instagram Followers are and How They Can Help You

Instagram has been one of the most sensational and popular social media apps in today’s world. It is an app dedicated to posting photos and videos with an emphasis on the use of mobile.

It is similar to Facebook and Twitter in which you can create a profile and have a feed option. An Instagram account can be created for free; you will need a username and password.

There are many features available on Instagram that are unique to the platform.

It has the option of following and followers where a person can accept or send a request to follow another, it has reels, status options, direct messaging options, it also allows shopping, it has IGTV, live video, filters, sharing posts, and many other options.

But out of all these features, the most important one is that of having Instagram followers. This feature is very important for those who want to promote brands or even personalities. It is great for marketing.

Let’s take a look at facts that will make you understand the importance of promoting and marketing your content or brand on Instagram through Instagram followers. 

  • Instagram recently crossed the mark of 1 billion account users and currently, there are more than a billion people available on Instagram which means your marketing and promotions have the potential to reach these many customers and clients.
  • It is the sixth most visited website in the world.
  • An average person spends at least 30 mins on Instagram which makes it a great platform for promotion through Instagram followers.
  • Nearly 81% of people use Instagram for searching and shopping products available there.
  • Out of this 81%, nearly 50% of people make a purchase.
  • Nearly 58% of people become interested in a brand or personality after seeing its marketing or promotion on Instagram.
  • Instagram stories help creators and brands to connect with and get new customers and clients. They can interact in comments or through likes, sharing, etc.
  • Instagram is a platform that was specifically designed for smartphones which makes it even more reachable and available for the majority of the people as almost every person in today’s world has a smartphone.
  • Instagram followers of your brand will be able to see every single post that you share with them which creates more brand awareness and a chance to interact with the customers.
  • The hashtag is a great feature on Instagram that makes it easier for brands and personalities to reach targeted audiences through its use.

Social media has become a great tool for one to increase their or their brand’s influence and presence online and thus gain popularity.

The number of Instagram followers that you have helps in many ways. Like the more followers, you have the more other people will believe in the authenticity of your account and help you promoting too if your content or brand is great and catchy.

For personalities, Instagram is a great platform for earning money as many brands will pay these influencers or content creators with large followings to promote their brands to these followers.

Brands also benefit from this as the influencer’s followers will want to look at them because that particular person/influencer has recommended it.

But it is also important to have authentic followers as fake ones won’t buy or promote these.