Is Monedero Ledger a regular wallet?

The answer is yes, Monedero Ledger is a regular wallet but not for keeping hard cash and stuff but to keep the secret key of your cryptocurrency. It is a type of device like a pen drive that can be connected to your computer. The way you keep your official documents in your pen drive likewise, the hard wallet is made to keep the private key so that it can be safe from the hackers. If you are a serious investor in the crypto world, then this little thing is made for you. It’s a wallet that is made for all types of cryptocurrencies. 

Why should you use this wallet?

It is the safest thing to keep your private key that should be known to you only. If you are a cryptocurrency investor then you are knowing, what the private key is. It’s the key by which you can access and manage all your crypto assets. If anyone knows your private key then they may transfer your crypto assets easily and can easily own them for free. Since it is your responsibility to keep it safe, a ledger wallet is the safest option. The hard wallet has its OS so no hacker can drive to their servers. But the catch is, you should not forget or misplace your hard wallet anywhere. In such a case, you should remember your 24-word recovery phrase so you can recover your private key. On the off chance, if you forgot your recovery phrase, then your crypto assets would be considered as lost. 

What application can we use? 

You can download the ledger live application from the google play store or Apple app store which is associated with the Monedero Ledger. You can download it on your desktop or computer also. The ledger live has 300k+ downloads on the google play store. You just have to make sure that you meet certain requirements for downloading the app. All the requirements needs are different according to the device and OS. Once you have downloaded the application you are good to go. Ledger live supports 27 coins and 1500+ tokens. You can buy, sell, or, trade with the help of this application. You can even lend your crypto assets to earn monthly interest. If you are new to the cryptocurrency world then you don’t need to go to different platforms as ledger live is the one-stop destination for all your crypto needs. 

How can we buy crypto? 

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the crypto world or you are just upgrading your crypto portfolio, you have to open the ledger live application on your respective devices where you can directly buy or exchange in the euro or dollar of your choice. It is a very easy and quick process. The ledger live has partnered with Coinify, by which you can buy any of the cryptocurrency by just adding the payment card. But don’t worry, before completing the purchase they will ask you to verify the address. So you know, it is safe and secure. 

  • Peter Nolette

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