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How to install your replacement windows?

Window Replacement

Are you thinking of Home improvement? Then you should think about replacing your old windows with new ones. Windows play a vital role in Home improvement. They allow sunlight to come in, fresh airflow is possible, it amounts to the energy efficiency of your home, and a lot more. Your old windows would have worn out and inefficient or you may simply want to replace the old windows with that of the current trend. You can select a window replacement contractor to do these works. To get to know the local contractors, you can search for window installation near me on Google. It would be helpful if you choose a specialist window installer to do the job instead of a general contractor. The specialization is the direct proportionate of the quality of their work. Although you can install your replacement windows with the help of a contractor, we will see the options and steps in installing one in this article.

Options in Window Replacement

If you decide to replace your windows, you should know the options involved in it. Depending upon the need and old window condition, these options can be selected. The two options are listed below.

  • Full-Frame Window replacement – This is the replacement of your old windows with the whole set up including the window frame. When your frame is too old and weak off fatigue, you can change the entire setting. It is quite costly and requires skilled labor.
  • Insert Window Replacement – This is the process of replacing an old window without changing the frames. If your window frames are of good health (condition), you can change your window alone. This will be easy that you can do yourself if needed. It is not much costly as Full-Frame replacement.

Steps in Installation of Replacement Windows

Find the window measurements – Before buying a window for replacement, you should know the measurements of the window space. You should measure the height, width, and breadth of the space inside the window frame. Exact measures are needed to select a replacement window that fits in it.

Remove the old window – Once you are ready, remove the old window from the frame. You will need to remove screws to do it. You may also need a knife along with a 5-in-1 tool kit to remove the window and the frame.

Clean the space – After removing the old window, you will find debris and dirt in the window space. Since you are going to install a new window, it is preferable to clean up space.

Apply caulk in the interior space – To fix the window firmly, you should apply the caulk in the gap between the stoppers and the frame position.

Place your new window – Then you can place your new window in the gap against the stoppers and press it firmly against the caulk to make it settle.

Drive necessary screws – Then you should drive the required screws from the inside.

Insulate – Then from the outside, you can spray the insulation foam into the gaps of the windows and start checking the working of the window.


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