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How to Buy an Amethyst Engagement Ring?

Diamonds have been the primary choice for engagement rings for centuries. But, recent concerns about the environmental impacts of diamond mining have put many people off the idea of buying diamond engagement rings for the most special days of their lives. Alternative options like synthetic diamonds, white topaz, etc., have become very popular. Another gemstone that’s become extremely popular amongst modern-day engagement ring shoppers is the Amethyst stone. This deep-violet-colored stone looks classy and has a ‘vintage’ appeal. Plus, shoppers of Amethyst engagement rings know that their chosen material has a long history in human civilization. This semi-precious gemstone is ancient, and its roots date back to the Greek civilization. The Greeks first popularized the use of this purple-colored cousin of Quartz stones. Now, they’re found in engagement rings all across the globe. Planning to get a dark violet-colored Amethyst stone for your partner? Here’s what you need to know –

How do Amethyst Gemstones Perform against Diamonds?

To start off this analysis, let’s compare Amethyst to Diamonds. Contrary to belief, an Amethyst engagement ring actually looks more bright, appealing, and eye-catching than a classic diamond ring. Add this classy aesthetic appeal to the budget-friendly price tags of Amethyst stones, and you have the perfect engagement ring material! Amethyst stones are very cheap, and although they’re not half as durable as diamonds, they’re not “non-durable” either.

Are Amethyst Stones Durable?

The gemstone scores seven on the Mohs Scale, which isn’t too bad for a semi-precious gemstone. Many people look at diamond (scores ten on the Mohs Scale) and think any natural stone or mineral that’s not as hard must be prone to instant damage. But that’s not the case. Amethyst stones maybe ten times softer than natural diamonds, but they’re still durable enough for day-to-day wear. These stones last for lifetimes, and comparing them to diamonds doesn’t make them look too bad (unlike most natural stones).

Shopping for an Amethyst Ring

Make sure to opt for totally transparent Amethyst stones. Some stones are translucent and don’t allow light to travel wholly through the stone. Although those stones are still worthy of being worn, Amethysts of the highest quality are usually completely clear and free of inclusions. Carefully assess your Amethyst stone’s surfaces to ensure there are zero scratches or nicks. In terms of color, you want the stones with darker shades. The dark-purple-colored Amethyst gemstones are the most popular. These gemstones don’t sparkle like diamonds, so you’ll have to check whether they’re cut symmetrically and evenly to discover their true qualities.


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