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How Should A Shirt Fit You

Today we will explain how a shirt should fit to be able to look great regardless of your body type, size or complexion. Keep reading, and you will find different tips with which you will make this elegant piece look even better on you, so take note and prepare to go shopping for your perfect shirt.

Enhance Your Face

The shirt is a garment that covers almost half of your body, so its correct use is essential to ensure that your outfit looks perfectly reasonable. A well-used garment of this style can enhance the positive aspects of your body and hide those not so flattering. The goal when dressing with this model is to divert the eyes towards the face, that is why we must create a kind of “V” shape, either by unbuttoning a couple of spaces at the top or by using layers such as a blazer or a jacket with the closing to half rise.

Choose The Correct Length

If you like to wear shirts inside your pants, the length should be enough so that it will not come out with the movement. Garments specially created at the workshop shirt production (รับผลิตเสื้อช๊อป which is the term in Thai) to be worn in this way will have a slightly longer back to avoid accidents. On the other hand, if you would rather like to dress your shirt on the outside, it should be long enough not to reveal what is underneath, without reaching under the bottom end of the closure of your pants or back pockets. The important thing here is to promote the shape of your body without reaching the point of discomfort.

Now that you know how a shirt should look, we hope you feel free to choose the one of your preference and wear it perfectly on any occasion after all this is an indispensable garment in men’s and women’s fashion.


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