How Much Goes To The School in fund raising events

When you involve the fundraiser’s such apex and another profit-making, you may get few amounts left for the school. The amount they leave has seen the organizations get names such as Apex Leadership FunRun Scam. This because at the end of the event the fundraisers take over 48% of the amount fundraised.

The few discouraged parents even state they’ll avoid the fundraisers altogether. Despite the amount the fundraiser takes, many schools still trust these organizations. 

Reasons for trusting same fundraisers

The parents and school administrators recognize the difficulties involved in raising funds. They believe that with organizations such as apex, the money can be easily be collected. They’ve gotan easier way of collecting the funds. 

The students aren’t involved in the direct selling of items. The parents feel relieved with having their children not begging to sell overpriced cookies to the neighbors, or themselves. The fundraising is tagged hassle-free as they take all the activities but use the funds raised to cover the costs.

The corporate fundraisers insist that during the weeks of handling the fundraiser, most of the funds still get back to the school. They use some funds to finance the prizes and t-shirts offered to winners of events. 

The education offered during the event

Some institutions would like to have the education and physical developments by Apex Leadership co. The school may prioritize the process of bonding, exercising, and runs as health activities. 

They’ll choose the most successful volunteering programs that involve the students directly and not as entertainment. The fun run provides fun with many athletes coming to cheer and reward the students. 

The events are memorable to the students and parents with the activities accomplished. If you’ll participate, the week of fun will see your students cheer each other have team works as well as individual accomplishments.

The selling point is not the percentage the school gets but the easiness to raise the funds. the parents of the students can rest assured that their sons and daughters won’t knock on the doors to sell unsaleable products. you just connect to the donor who pledges to give willingly.

The negative effects of corporate fundraising

Other than taking half the amount raised, the parents noted the name-shaming with those students who didn’t raise the target amount. The other students can be rewarded for raising more while others are cheer-on.

The fundraisers don’t put enough effort to follow unhonored pledges. They’ll rather willingly share the collected. Some parents feel the school should get more while the corporate fundraiser takes effort to collect the deficit amount

The corporate fundraising can be made better with flexible sharing of funds and even better ways of obtaining donors other than using the students only.

  • Peter Nolette

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