How Do You Qualify For Slot Bonuses?

The slot bonuses differ according to different websites.  The providers try to make it competitive that worked more clients. The amount of bonuses to receive on a site differs from other sites; some of the bonuses are meant to attract you to the site. Consider too the bonuses that come after you’ve registered. Some of the bonuses for newbies can use various names such as free sign up bonus, welcome deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, and even free spins bonus.

However, you don’t directly get all these benefits unless you qualify and claim them. Also, bonuses may mean you’ll lose some points. The points are gained when you don’t claim bonuses and will be useful in the free spins you get thereafter. Check for all possible bonuses before you sign to your favorite site.

 Qualifying factors

Some sites offer you a bonus that will be played at a specific time. These bonuses can be provided either weekly or monthly.  To play them you must be available during the time set. You’ll qualify if you’re a regular player and you fund your account often. 

The no-deposit bonus is offered to the new players. This bonus is offered without the need to deposit any amount to your account. You just register an account with the site, claim the bonus, and play. The bonus has restrictions according to different sites. Some will cap the amount you can win and others the amount you can wager. In all cases the wins can’t be withdrawn directly; you’ll need use for replaying. This slot games bonus the new players are offered free but after you win you’ll have to deposit some funds and play more games before you can withdraw.

The other welcome bonuses refer to a deposit bonus that is only given when you deposit some funds to your account. The requirement can differ from site to site. You may receive the bonus when you deposit the minimum amount to your site account. Other sites specify the amount to deposit before you receive and claim this bonus. It’s normally offered in percentages. It’s offered from least of 15% to the highest 200%. 

Other factors

Other policies can be offered with specific instructions on the number of pg games you play in. For instance, you can receive free spins after playing 100 games or 200 games. It’ll depend on the sites. Other sites count the time you’ve been active on their site and reward you accordingly. 

While others use the amount wagered as a criterion. It means you’ll receive a bonus according to the amount spent on their site betting. The more you spend the higher bonus you receive.  

Other bonuses are offered when you become a VIP member. The program is reserved for players of many years and spending big on the site. You may get admission when you win jackpots too. Some of the players are invited to participate in exclusive tournaments. You call also receive aninvitation when you remain loyal. 

what to do

You may not claim all the bonuses, but for welcome bonuses claim. If you’re new, you’ll use it for learning the เกมสล็อตof your choice. When you become a regular in the online casino then you’ll be required to register for membership for VIP. You can access more benefits as VIP and promotions. The deals will include a chance to win in tournaments and jackpots.

Remember you’ll need to qualify for bonuses when you playing regularly. You may play on a site for many years and not receive the bonuses offered; you’ll need to qualify first. 

  • Peter Nolette

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