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How CBD Consumption Changes the Lives of Aggressive Pets

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In general terms, dogs are one of the calmest animals in the world. But, some unfortunate dogs experience numerous stressful situations in their lives. These conditions make them prone to aggressive reactions or frenzies. Some dogs even end up attacking their owners! Having an unpredictable pet at home is not healthy. Dog owners can be the end of multiple lawsuits if they don’t control their dogs’ behavior. Dog health experts always recommend behavioral therapy and other natural cures. Using synthetic drugs should be last on the dog owner’s list of solutions. Using common drugs like clomipramine or propranolol may cure the dog’s aggression, but it will also induce other negative side-effects like droopiness. Another natural solution that’s becoming increasingly popular is CBD.

How CBD Helps Aggressive Pets

Unlike other psychoactive compounds found in the cannabis plant, CBD is non-psychoactive. CBDs don’t induce a sensation of ‘high’ in the consumer’s mind. Instead, CBD reacts with the animal’s endocannabinoid system. This system is found in all mammals. We use it to regulate emotions, deal with stressful situations, etc. After CBD consumption, an aggressive pet will experience reduced anxiety and stress. Since anxiety and stress are the leading causes of aggression in pets, repeated use makes them less aggressive over time. Using high-quality CBD is a must. Pet owners must acquire their CBD products from reputed sellers like RelaxedPup.


Recent studies on CBD have confirmed that the compound has a positive effect on our brains’ neurotransmitter activities. For instance, CBD consumers have higher serotonin levels in their brains, compared to non-consumers. Synthetic drugs aim to cure depression by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. CBD consumption does the same, but it’s natural and non-addictive, unlike prescription drugs. Pets can become more focused, alert, and cheerful if they consume short CBD doses on a day to day basis.  


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