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Folderly Email Tester for Enhanced Deliverability

Business people know what does it take to lose out on an opportunity. Since most of the business communication happens through emails, they are the most affected by email deliverability. According to recent surveys, nearly fifty-one percent of business emails never appear in the recipient’s inbox, for they end up as spam. Ignoring these emails is too crucial that it could lead to your business collapsing. 

In this fast-pacing world, the loss of an email and its information means losing potential investors, opportunities, and sales. Who knows you might end up in debts and unpaid bills just because your investor didn’t receive your mail? Though email spamming sounds simple but the after-results from it are beyond imagination. Keeping all these in mind, we came up with an excellent solution to solve all your concerns and ensure that your emails aren’t spammed. 

Folderly AI System:

Folderly email testing system is an excellent aid to save your business mails from reaching spam folders instead of primary inboxes. It is an AI-based email tester working on the email deliverability systems to ensures that the business mails aren’t spammed. After all, you put in so much effort to design your plans and strategies. Is it fair that your hard work is going in vain just because of some random spam words? Not really!

It is an open fact that the business mails’ outcome depends on the delivered folders. You don’t have to worry about them if the folder is in the inbox. However, if it is the spam folder, it is lost. This was the case until now. Not anymore, thanks to the Folderly email tester. The name says it all. It tests your mails and reports the issues before you can send them to your recipients. 

Bypass spam filters, blacklists, etc., are some possible yet crucial obstacles on the way to for an email to reach the recipient’s inbox. Folderly helps you rectify all these issues. As in, it is like an assurance that your emails will the recipients’ inboxes without being discarded. Either improve your deliverability score or correct spam-related issues, either of them is possible from Folderly. It allows the emails with visibility so that they pass through the spam, blacklists, or traps.

Services from Folderly: 

Folderly mainly works in two different directions related to emails. One is spam checking and the other is deliverability. For the deliverability test, Folderly runs copious surveys, filters, and checks to give out a detailed analysis of the email. Here, you can understand the possible reasons for your spamming of your emails. You can also enhance the quality as Folderly also attaches some suggestions along with the report.

In spam testing, your mail goes through several spam-checking campaigns. Through this, you can figure out the possible destination of your email without even sending it. Using these services, you can save your marketing emails from being ignored and improve your chances. Likewise, you can also understand how to improve your mailing quality from the suggestions displayed along with the test results.