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Features Of The Best Commercial Popcorn Making Machine

Every CEO aims to go for quality both in terms of human and material resources. If you are contemplating going into the business of commercial production of popcorn; then you must read this Popcornwiki.com that we have here before you make the next move concerning the choice of machine. There are several machines online that you can invest in but with the tips and tricks that you care about reading; getting the ideal machine will be an exercise in futility.

It is not about the beautiful design of the machine because beauty has nothing to do with performance. It is about the features that will give you the expected results without which the operation will not run smoothly. Here are the must-features of the best popcorn machines:

Kettle Size

This should be taken into consideration if you want to bring down the cost of production. With a small kettle, you will be forced to repeat the process to meet up with the demand of your customer. So what is the ideal basket size for large scale production? The best among the machines should boast of nothing less than 20 oz basket capacity. This size is recommended if you want the best results on account of your Popcornwiki.com.

With the size mentioned, you will be assured of getting about 10 gallons of popcorn per batch. This is an ideal output for any commercial supply at the theater or any place with a large capacity of people waiting in the queue to have a taste of your yummy product.


The best model can last you forever all things being equal. Take a look at the warranty that comes with the product before you click on the order now button. Some companies are noted for producing durable models; it is best to research and partner with such companies. The ease of cleaning the model should also be a strong factor before you partner with any of the options online.

Warming Features

In the attempt to make the best out of this Popcornwiki.com, make sure there is provision for warming in the technology that you are investing in. The best among the options should include a warmer technology that is needed to retain the freshness of the popcorn for a longer period. Make sure there is provision for spot warming in the model if you are to get the results that call for real joy.

The best technology among the warming features is the one that has the stirrer option. This makes rotation inside the kettle possible. By the introduction of stirring technology, the kernels will be popped evenly and none of it will be left un-popped when it comes out of the basket. If by any error there is an un-popped kernel in the output; they are separated into the old-maid drawer to prevent such appearing in the final output.

Final Take

If you desire the best features in a commercial popcorn machine; then the Popcornwiki.com that you have just read points you in the right direction.


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