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Enhance the indoor air quality with right technology

With the ever increasing pollution across the globe, remarkably large numbers of people are becoming vulnerable to serious health condition. Home is the place where people spend most of their time and it is crucial to maintain good indoor air quality for overall good health wellbeing of the occupants. To keep the inside air clean, fresh and germ free people from different walks of life are switching from traditional disinfection methods such as hot water, bleach and other chemicals to UVS system (ระบบ uvc, which is the term in thai). Hence choose the best UVS system from reputable brand and live in clean and healthy environment.

Well maintained AC

Along with providing cool air a fully functional AC can clean the air by removing allergens and pollutants consequently improves air quality. There are many critical components to an air conditioning system, but the air conditioning coils are by far some of the most important. AC coils often pull dust, dirt, grease, bacteria, etc. and eventually biofilm form on the coil which reduces the performance of AC. By installing UVC lamp on the evaporator side of the side you can get rid of redundant biofilm. To get the maximum benefit from your AC investment makes use latest technology and save money in long run.

Safe and effective

Apparently impure air quality can cause headaches, fatigue, lack of concentration, and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. So regardless of the place such as home, workplace, healthcare center, school, mall, etc. ensure safe and healthy environment with UVC systems from reputable brands. UVC lamp is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and physical process, not a chemical. Hence over the past few years, the demand for UVC system has increased manifold.

Know the specification

But before taking any purchase decision get relevant information about the product such as specification, working mechanism, warranty, price, installation procedure, etc. With the efficient, safe and cost effective UVC solution promote good health.


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