Does My Server Need To Have A Special Location And Air Conditioning?

Both server manufacturers and any electronic equipment establish recommended location and air conditioning conditions to guarantee the correct operation of their equipment. You would be surprised in the conditions that some servers have encountered. Therefore, we will try to recommend some essential things.


Usually, when a company starts, it does not take into account the location of the server and often leaves it in the first free space it is in (under a table, on top of a shelf,). Also, network devices also tend to accumulate router, managed firewall near the server.

The problem begins when the company starts to grow, and everything becomes a mountain of hardware and cables. In short, it becomes an incredible mess.

Therefore, we recommend that you take into account the location of the server from the beginning.Ideally, the server should be in a separate room that is often called a CPD. Note this room should not be a storage room where cleaning supplies, boxes or other objects are stored.

Air Conditioning

It is also crucial to have an adequately heated room 365 days a year. A server that is always on is usually made up of electronic components that give off a lot of heat and therefore need an adequate temperature.High temperatures and poor ventilation can shorten the life of components. Furthermore, with excellent air conditioning, we can avoid unexpected server drops.

Therefore, the ideal solution would be to have a separate room, and if it can be with a much better lock, the room should be well heated during the 365 days of the year and in a more or less adequate order when assembling all the hardware.

In conclusion, there are a few aspects to take into account like in the managed voice, but we must know that this topic is vital, and we cannot ignore these recommendations.Also, if we keep everything tidy, it is much easier to work on a possible incident.

  • Peter Nolette

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