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Design Ideas for Concrete patios Geelong

A properly design, a well-placed concrete patio can become the most attractive part of your landscape. Concrete patio designs are appealing and very much economical. Due to its durability level, it can beautifully withstand natural forces and the homeowners can enjoy the beauty for several more years. Concrete is a versatile choice now as most outdoor works in the part of our backyard can be utilized with the use of concrete that is very much accessible in the market. Just regular cleaning is necessary to maintain it. With different techniques and modes, concrete can be designed in different ways to create an excellent pattern. 

There are different popular designs that you can choose as per your style and can give it a smooth finish, staining, concrete scoring, imprinting or by using a stamped concrete. 

Smooth finish 

To give your Concrete patios Geelong, you can opt for the smooth finish and can soften it up with some acid etching or with sandblast. This combination can create an excellent patio floor. 


Another great way to create a customized look is by imprinting. Tiles, bricks, stones or even wood are the best imprinting picks. The most suitable way to add more color to the Concrete patios Geelong is to adding color to the mixture just before pouring it. You will have different color choices but natural, soft colors are best for the decorative concrete patio. You can choose the colors like soft peach, beige or gray. If you add the color to the mixture, it will be permanent, smudge-free and everlasting. 


Concrete staining is another great technique to make the wood or concrete surface appear great looking, brand new and can give a textured look like the natural stone. Staining can protect your concrete from the harnesses of nature. Stain coats can be applied because natural elements like sunlight, rain can lighten up their color. 


Creating a square pattern for Concrete patios Geelong is an attractive design. This type of design can be achieved by concrete scoring. Squares can be created in different sizes and shapes. You can start your concrete design with 18 to 24 inches of square patterns. To prevent this concrete from rupturing, you need to merge the construction joints for the scoring design. This design process is right and can blend well in large landscapes or swimming pool decks. 

Stamped concrete 

Another option for the concrete decorative patio is using stamped concrete. This pattern is accessible easily also. 


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