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Cleanse your Mind and Purify Your Soul with spiritual waters

Water is the most mysterious but amazing natural gift that supports life on Earth. So you can consider the element as the source of life too. Just like three-fourths of the Earth’s surface is covered by Water, your body comprises 95% water. If you analyze deeper, you will realize that the value of Water is much more than you can imagine. It is sacred as it holds the key to life. The seed in the soil won’t germinate without Water. A baby in the mother’s womb can’t grow without Water. A living animal cannot survive without drinking water. If you believe that God is the creator of the universe, then you should also believe that Water is the embodiment of spirituality.

An ingredient of spiritual practice

As you already have realized that Water can be the best connection between your body, mind, and soul. You can now accept the fact thatĀ spiritual waters can be an essential ingredient of any spiritual practice. If you think on a broader perspective, then the element hs the power to clear, sustain, and nourish everything. Your body won’t have the nourishment without Water, and our soul will suffer. You can use the energy of Water for clearing away the effects of negative energy from your surrounding environment.

Cleanse your mind

You are a human being. So experiencing human emotions like anger and jealousy is possible. But you also know that these emotions are negative and can harm others. So you should cleanse your mind always to remove all negativities and fill the mind with only positive vibes. Use the Water and put some floating scented candles in it. The aroma of the candles, along with the moisture, will enter your body through inhalation. Close your eyes and feel how the air inflow is purifying your body thoroughly. With the exhalation, you are giving out all the impurities from the body.


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