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A House or a Condo: Which is Better

How to Sell a Condo (Nope, It's Not Like Selling a House ...

Condominiums are more economical than houses. As per the NAR or National Association of Realtors, the average existing house cost was $241,700, as of January 2018. The NAR also reported the median existing condominium cost was $231,600, additionally as of January 2018. That’s a difference of just $10,000, yet the gap is much larger in a lot of markets.

A lower rate indicates a reduced deposit and a lower regular monthly settlement in Condo near Aree [คอนโด อารีย์, which is the term in Thai].

  • No repairs and upkeep, a minimum of on the exterior

This is just one of the primary advantages of residing in a condo. While house owners are hectically trimming their grass, repainting your home, trimming hedges, cleaning up seamless gutters, raking leaves, pruning trees, as well as shoveling snow, apartment owners are actively hanging out at the swimming pool, taking weekend trips, or merely unwinding at home.

The exterior of a condo is both owned and kept by the property owner’s organization. The proprietor is responsible only for the interior. Yet everything outside the front door is none of their concern. That liberates time, as well as money for various other quests.

  • Location

Since condominiums are smaller sized, and extra largely packed, they’re frequently located more detailed to features. This is especially true of midtown areas with lots of social activities, purchasing, amusement, as well as job possibilities. Condominium proprietors have shorter commutes compared to house owners.

  • Features

Bigger condominium communities are typically loaded with common amenities. These can include pool, gymnasiums, tennis courts, golf links, pet dog parks, park locations, as well as jogging trails. Most of those that live in homes have to commute to public centers to obtain those services. The apartment proprietor has them without even leaving the residential or commercial property.


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