Wallpapers from Muxia Spain

Wonderful Wallpapers from Muxia Spain

Muxia is often referred to as the end of the world.  However, even with this title, you’ll see there is much beauty to Muxia Spain.  Here are some stunning Muxia Wallpapers with their exact locations;

The Boat of the Virgin Mary

The Boat of the Virgin Mary

It’s a little far fetched to believe that the Virgin Mary arrived here on a boat from Jerusalem.  What’s not far fetched however is the fact that she arrived at a beautiful location.  If this isn’t the most beautiful part of Muxia, I don’t know where is!  By the way, that church was built in her honor.  Finally, the exact location is at the end of the peninsula.

Lighthouse at the End of the World

Lighthouse at the End of the World in Muxia Spain

What better way to mark the end of the world than with a lighthouse overlooking incredibly rough seas.  Viewing this makes you want to be there right now!  Walk to the end of the peninsula to view this lighthouse but don’t get too close to the rough seas.

Mirador O Corpino

Mirador O Corpino

For a colorful houses overload, take a trek up to Mirador O Corpino.  Not only are there panoramic views over the colorful houses of Muxia but also stunning views of the harbor and rough seas here at the end of the world.  O Corpino is in between the end of the peninsula and the town.

Street Art

Street Art in Muxia is full of detail.  Pay attention to this attention to detail!  Some of the street art in the town refers to an oil spill.  Others to the workers in the area.  As a matter of fact, some recent street art is referring to how climate change is affecting this part of the world!  Find street art around the Port of Muxia.

Oil Spill Mural

Oil Spill Mural in Muxia Spain

Once upon a time there was a terrible oil spill off the coast of Muxia Spain.  This oil spill was so bad that it affected both France and Portugal.  Countless birds and sealife were badly affected and a huge rescue effort went underway.  This monument is a reminder of the tragic oil spill and how it must not happen again.

Kilometer 0 of the Camino de Santiago

Kilometer 0 of the Camino de Santiago

This is a wallpaper for the walkers amongst us.  Have you walked the Way of St James, aka, the Camino de Santiago?  If so, kilometer 0 is a Muxia wallpaper for you!  Km 0 is adjacent to the Oil Spill monument and Mary’s Boat at the end of the peninsula.

Muxia Harbor

Muxia Harbor

So where the Virgin Mary’s boat arrived maybe wasn’t the most beautiful part of Muxia?  Well, I don’t think the harbor existed back in Mary’s time!  Enjoy a coffee or a soft drink whilst relaxing with stunning views.  On a calm day Mirador O Corpino even reflects in the water!

Enjoy the Muxia Wallpapers

The end of the world is not such a bad looking place after all!  Enjoy and if you visit, try wake up and enjoy Muxia at sunrise!  Lastly, for more information on Muxia get some inspiration from the official Muxia tourist site.

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