Iconic Wallpapers from Burgos Spain

Iconic Wallpapers from Burgos Spain

Burgos is one of the lesser visited cities of Northern Spain.  None the less, it’s still a city full of both history and more importantly beauty.  Here are a few Burgos Spain wallpapers with brief descriptions and locations.

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral Gothic Doorway

First and foremost let’s start with the obvious which is Burgos Cathedral.  The UNESCO site of the city and also one of the largest cathedrals in Europe.  Moreoever, it’s one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in the world.  I’ll mention Burgos Cathedral a few more times throughout this post due to both its beauty and also importance.  Where is Burgos Cathedral?  It’s right in the center of the historic center.

Castle of Burgos

Burgos Castle Wallpaper

There are several views from Burgos Castle worthy of a Burgos Wallpaper.  However, here I share an image from inside the castle museum.  Due to it’s open air design, wonderful lighting illuminates the historic artifacts inside.  Finally, Burgos Castle is located on a small hill overlooking the city.

Central Dome of Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral - Central Dome Ceiling

So beautiful that a Spanish King said it must have been created by angels.  Yet another reason to visit Burgos Cathedral UNESCO site.  Moreover, another reason to select this as your Burgos wallpaper.

Paseo del Espolon

Paseo del Espolon, Burgos

Did you know the French were in Burgos Spain?  You know how the French love their gardens!  They built the typically symmetrical French style Paseo del Espolon on the outskirts of the historical center.  Here is the exact location, enjoy the walk!  View Paris wallpapers here.

Museum of Evolution

Museum of Human Evolution, Burgos Spain

Do you want an ancient pre-human as your wallpaper?  These real life size models can be found inside the Museum of Human Evolution.  As a matter of fact you can take your picture with these pre humans.  Some of which date back 2 million years!

Golden Staircase

Golden Staircase, Burgos Cathedral

Again we’re heading back into Burgos Cathedral for one of the most spectacular staircases you’ll ever see.  Created by one of the leaders of Spanish Renaissance architecture, this also makes for a spectacular wallpaper.  Lastly, if you do visit Burgos, you must take your Instagram shot at the foot of these stairs!

Nativity of Mary Chapel Ceiling in Burgos Spain

Nativity of Mary Chapel Ceiling in Burgos Spain

Sometimes you take a picture and the result looks more like a painting.  This is the case when you photograph the ceiling of the Chapel of the Nativity.  Guess what?  This is also located inside Burgos Cathedral.  There is an entrance fee but you’ll be heavily rewarded with immaculate beauty.

Burgos Statues

Statues in Burgos

Who loves cultural statues as a desktop wallpaper?  Not only is the historic center of Burgos full of them but also the surrounding new city.  For this reason, keep your eyes open as you explore Burgos.

Spanish Plazas and Colorful Houses

Spanish Plazas and Colorful Houses in Burgos

Every Spanish city has a Plaza Mayor doesn’t it.  In addition, Burgos features several other picturesque plazas including one right next to the Gothic Cathedral.  Sit out, relax and enjoy either a coffee or a cold beverage.

Arco de Santa Maria

Arco de Santa Maria, Burgos

Enough about Burgos Cathedral, there’s plenty more to do in this city.  In fact, the main gates to the historic city are a monument in themselves.  Known as Arco de Santa Maria, did you know you can also ascend to the top of the gates for even more postcard perfect views!  Lastly, here is their exact location.

Traditional Spanish Shops

Traditional Spanish Shops

I’ve not touched on the number of traditional Spanish shops in historic Burgos.  This could be a Sombrero shop or a Serrano Ham store!  With so much tradition is Spain, you’re guaranteed a detailed wallpaper image.  Why not combine a shop window with one of the several Burgos statues!

Enjoy the Burgos Spain Wallpapers

Feel free to use any of these Burgos wallpapers for personal use.  Contact us if you need a different shape or size.  Alternatively, leave comment if you wish to donate one.

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