Stunning Wallpapers from Alaska, USA

Stunning Wallpapers from Alaska, USA

Alaska is one of the largest states in the USA, it’s also one of the most remote.  As a result, there are some absolutely stunning sites to see,  Here are a few select Alaska wallpapers with brief descriptions and exact locations;

Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park

Firstly, let’s start with not only one of my favorite views in Alaska but the whole world, Glacier Bay National Park.  It’s a picture which packs in so much.  You have of course the glacier leading up to the huge mountain.  What’s more, this wonder of nature then reflects in the emerald colored cold water.  This is truly a stunning painting and a must as part of our wallpaper collection.  Finally, here is the exact location.

Mount Denali

Mount Denali, Alaska

Okay, so we move from one of the most beautiful views in the world to the highest mountain in North America.  On a clear day, this view is truly majestic.  Can you believe this mountain is well over 6000 meters tall?  What’s more, it’s surrounded by a huge national park full of wildlife including several different types of bears!  Here is the exact location of the peak although it’s visible for miles around.

Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

The huge Mendenhall Glacier reflecting into the lake it created is truly a heart warming site.  Sadly though, due to global warming, it’s becoming more lake than glacier.  None the less, it still exists and paints a perfect picture.  Mendenhall Glacier is a short ride from the capital, Juneau.

Glacier Bay Park – Part 2

Glacier Bay Park Wallpaper

Glacier Bay Park makes it onto the top Alaska wallpapers list once again.  The perfect painting of the glacier reflecting into the water with the mountain didn’t do the calm emerald waters justice.  For this reason, I’m sharing a wallpaper where you can truly experience the emerald waters.  What’s more, there’s a fantastic autumn sky reflecting in them.

Experience the Gold Rush

Gold Rush in Alaska Wallpaper

Alaska is famous for the gold rush and it’s still going on today.  You can take a train through the white pass to where they still find gold to this day.  What’s more, you can also search for gold yourself and what you find, you keep!  This historic train makes the perfect Alaska wallpaper.  Take the train from Skagway.

Northern Elephant Seal Catching an Iceberg

Northern Elephant Seal Catching a Glacier

An Elephant Seal catching an iceberg is not something you see everyday!  Well maybe it is if you live in Alaska.  Nonetheless, this makes a truly unique wallpaper.  There is no exact location to find this but a location with elephant seals near a glacier is a good start.

American Eagle Chilling on an Iceberg

American Eagle Chilling on an Iceberg

Which bird is the bird of America?  The Bald Eagle, aka, American Eagle.  In Alaska these guys chill out on the icebergs as well as in the national parks.  Good luck eagle spotting!

Enjoy the Alaska Wallpapers

Do you want to travel to Alaska and see these sites for yourself?  Check the official tourism board for more information.  Now you’ve seen an isolated part of Alaska, why not check out wallpapers from Paris, France?

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